Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don’t Call Me Late for Supper, Mabelene

Backgrounder: “This song was inspired a few years ago by a simple Lyle Lovett tune, though I forget which one. My wife is partial to his tunes so I tried to put a song together she would like. I succeeded on two counts - we both like it.” gaharrison

1. We met at an old country store.
I packed her bags and held open the door.
Well, we started to chat,
I learned her name after that.
Oh, Mabelene was a dish and much more.

One day I walked her back to her house.
Her folks were gone, we held hands on the porch.
I got lost in her eyes,
and two slices of pie,
And the smell of perfume in her hair.

["Elderberry pie - the way to my heart.": photo link]

Don’t call me late for supper, Mabelene.
You are the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen.
You sure are good-looking
and I love what you’re cooking.
Don’t call me late for supper, Mabelene.

2. We got married when we were nineteen.
Her Mama said, “Boy, don’t you treat her mean.”
I said, “You count on me.”
That was 1963.
I can’t live without my Mabelene.

At home she’s in charge of the food.
If I cook it don’t taste half as good.
When Mabelene fills my plate,
a big smile fills my face.
She’s the best cook in our neighbourhood.

3. Mabelene bought a book from Par-ee.
Each day she tries a French recipe.
I eat all I’m able
then lean across the table.
For dessert I always kiss Mabelene.

At night I kiss both of her hands.
‘Cause they taste like her strawberry jam.
And she comes to no harm
when I nibble on her arm.
Mabelene’s the sweetest girl in the land.



Any other Lyle Lovett fans out there?


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