Saturday, July 3, 2010

Get Off of My Porch

Backgrounder: “I’m very, very surprised someone has not written a song exactly like this because terrible things - like those in the song - happen every weekend, if not every single day of the week. Not at my house, mind you, but somewhere. Use my porch if you need to brush somebody off.” gaharrison

Get Off of My Porch

1. You said that you didn’t love me,
You said you found someone new.
You said ‘cause I was your best friend
I should be happy for you.


Get offa my porch, stop your knockin’,
Nobody’s home, go away.
Leave me alone, I’m hurtin’,
(Or... lights are down low for a reason.)
I’ll come outside another day.

["Hey. You. Get off-a my porch!"]

2. I said you were sadly mistaken,
‘Cause I wasn’t happy at all.
I said, “I’ll be pining away, Dear,
All summer and into the fall.”

3. You said the first kiss was pleasure,
You said the last kiss was fun.
I thought the first kiss was treasure,
The last kiss - my heart came undone.



Everyday something exactly like this happens.

Maybe I'm just the first one to sing about it - happily.


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