Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patti’s in the Kitchen, Gordie’s at the Till

Backgrounder: “In my search for the perfect job I tried baking muffins and pouring coffee at The Little Red Roaster for six months. What did I learn? Though the morning started way too early I managed the crowds pretty well until my shift ended at 10 a.m. After I’d earned enough for a bigger motorcycle I hit the road. And that part was perfect.” gaharrison

1. I found me a diner, the food is always great,
The price is good and low, here’s how it operates.
The place runs but one way, you better know the rules,
Patti always does the cooking and Gordie doesn’t suffer fools.
If you ask for an order in a fussy tone of voice,
Gordie points toward the front door while the regulars rejoice.
If you want to use the debit for $1.29,
Start looking for a toonie and step on outta line.


Patti’s in the kitchen, Gordie’s at the till,
She’s cooking up your breakfast, he’s ringing up the bill.
They been running this old diner since 1963,
Eggs are always over easy, and the second cup is free.

2. If you act kinda frantic, say you’re in a rush,
Gotta drive across town, maybe catch a bus.
Patti hollers from the kitchen, loud enough for all,
“If you’re looking just for fast food you can get it at the mall.”
If you say your eggs are runny or the coffee is too hot,
If you think the ham is too sweet and the sticky buns are not.
Gordie points to the big sign hanging on the wall.
“Patti only does home cooking or she doesn’t cook at all.”

3. When you come for the first time it’d really be a shame,
If you ask for skinny lattes or things with funny names.
Gordie will assure you he’ll give it a good try,
Then steer you toward Patti’s elderberry pie.
There aren’t many diners than run along like this,
Where you’ll see the cook and cashier sometimes share a kiss.
But it’s open still on Main St. in my old hometown,
You’ll find me pouring coffee and hear me sing this song.



Though I love old diners I don't think I could handle a busy pace. You?



  1. Great song. LOve the theme.

  2. I love old diners, Susan.

    I ride a motorcycle during good weather and usually stop at old diners for coffee, to relax with pen and paper.

    Where do you do most of your writing?


    Gord H.