Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lordie Lordie

Backgrounder: “I love singing this song. It comes from my desire to be a good egg and keep the peace at home for another 38 years.” gaharrison

1. You ended my life,
then twisted the knife,
Left me nothing but pain.
I was down on my luck,
you stole off in my truck
And shacked up with my brother again.
When I laid down my head,
on our half empty bed,
It smelled like the scene of the crime.
Hanky-panky, I swear it’s the end of the line.

[My younger brother and I. Sure, he looks harmless enough: circa 1953]


Lordie Lordie, I sure drank a snoot-full tonight.
Lordie Lordie, I sure look a horrible sight.
I fell down some stairs,
ripped my new underwears,
And I smell like cheap whisky and beer.
Lordie Lordie, it’s been the worst night of the year.

2. I fell in with friends,
who’d met similar ends,
And had pockets as deep as a well.
They said, “Our love-life stinks
so we’re buying the drinks.”
I said, “Guys, your plan suits me well.”
We emptied the kegs
into our hollow legs,
The police had to settle us down,
Heebee-geebees, I woke up ten miles outta town.

3. Stumbled ‘round until three,
barely able to see,
Still troubled you slept with my kin.
But I’ve made my mistakes
and there’s more that I’ll make,
So can we start over again?
Please come back tonight,
you know I won’t bite,
I’ll make you feel right at home.
Holy-moley, I don’t want to end up alone.



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