Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weezie's Love Was Easy

Backgrounder: “While travelling north to Espanola several years ago with friend Don Kelly, I spotted ‘Weezie loves Jennifer’ spray-painted on a rock face near the edge of Highway 6. Soon thereafter I saw Weezie’s name again with another girl’s. Then again. Settle down, Weezie, I thought. Or leave town.” gaharrison

Weezie's Love Was Easy

1. Driving north on Highway Six,
Little Current's just the same,
Miles of granite, piles of stone,
and kids like to paint their names.
Rock flies passed, I see the paint,
read a name or two,
read a boy has loved and lost.
I'm sure this story's true.
I'm sure this story's true.

["Why does everybody love Weezie?"]


Weezie's love was easy,
cold granite never lies.
Five girls in love with Weezie,
but it doesn't pay to advertise.
First time that you paint the stone
love surely feels so fine.
By the time you paint number four,
love has lost its shine.
Love has lost its shine.

2. I saw "Weezie loves Jennifer"
sprayed with hearts and flowers.
I soon thought that love ran cold,
suffered rain and showers.
'Cause farther down Highway 6
I saw Weezie's name again.
A different rock, a different girl.
Jennifer was gone (repeat).

3. I saw "Weezie loves Lorraine"
sprayed with bright red hearts.
I soon thought love had hit the skids,
suffered fits and starts.
'Cause down the road, upon the stone,
saw Weezie tried again.
Another rock, another girl.
There was no Lorraine (repeat).

4. I saw "Weezie loves Beth Anne"
sprayed with blue and gold.
But one more mile, one more name,
Weezie's love got old.
I then recalled the loves I lost
I never wrote in stone.
And though he painted several names,
Weezie's all alone (repeat).



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