Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Squirrel Stew from a Mason Jar

Backgrounder: “Last week, while building a birdhouse in my workshop, I heard a toe-tapping tune on CBC radio. The words “I eat squirrel stew from a Mason jar” popped into my head. Yesterday I teased out the following recession anthem. I think it’s brilliant.” gaharrison

1. I eat squirrel stew from a Mason jar,
Though that’s not the way things usually are.

I drive to the store in an old used car,
Can’t afford another, hope it takes me far.
Since I lost my job
the world is upside down.
Been doing more with less
like other folks in town.


I eat squirrel stew, I’m living small.
I buy used clothes and that’s not all.
I use a clothesline to dry my old blue jeans,
And now I know what sticking to a budget means.
I gave up BBQ-ing
because steak’s not cheap,
And what I’ve been sowing
I now must reap.

2. I made a solar oven to save on natural gas,
I cook up pots of oatmeal and make it last.
Now just like my old Papa I’ll eat anything,
I’m using Mama’s recipe for Tuna a la King.

But since I lost my job
tuna has been pretty rare.
Been doing more with less
like my closest neighbours are.

3. I bought more things on credit than I can count,
My debt was growing faster than my bank account.
Easy money flowed out of every corner bank,
For all my credit cards I have lots of folks to thank.
But since I lost my job
I’m cutting to the bone.
Been doing more with less
and I’m not alone.



Squirrel stew, Mason jars, living small, recession... they do go together, don't they?


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