Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prose: You Thought it was Hallowe’en

Backgrounder: “While looking for an old wedding photo I found this piece of prose from my university days. It was published in The Gazette (University of Western Ontario) on Feb. 14, 1969, and bears some truth, though it isn’t a very fitting sentiment for Valentines Day. It contains my first reference to whisky, but not my last.” gaharrison

["My university days": March, 1969]

you thought it was Hallowe’en

you thought it was Hallowe’en
all last month.
ever since I first met you,
I thought you were all
dressed up for nothing.

the unmasking took place last
night, and you looked quite
pretty without your mask.

but you were not what
the game had called for.

[Artwork - Tom Rossiter: photo GAH]

(Hallowe’en was over and
the two went tripping home
with an empty bottle of scotch
under their arm,
and when all the ghosts
and night creatures began to play,
she melted into their midst.)

I have not heard from you,
or seen you, since.



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