Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Better with You

Life is Better with You - Backgrounder: “So, what do you give a girl at Christmas... especially a girl who already has everything? I mean, my wife already gets the house, car, life insurance, my pension, RRSPs and hockey card collection when I die. Oh yeah, and my workshop and all my tools. So, what else can I give her?” gaharrison

1. You are the best of my friends.
Life can be a long, lonely road,
easier when you share the load
and I’m walking with you.

You are the first of those near,
the closest of those I hold dear.
Time often gets slipping away,
you help me live for today
when I’m walking with you.


Like diamonds in the night sky
I see love shine in your eye.
You treat me better than best,
I’m home when you lean on my chest.
Oh, I know I’ve got a good life
and it’s better with you.

2. You are the best of my friends.
Life can be a dark, dreary place,
brighter when I see your face
and I’m talking with you.

You guard the life that we’ve made,
make sure our memories don’t fade.
Time often gets marching along,
you help me feel that I’m strong
when I’m talking with you.

3. You are the best of my friends.
Life can be a challenging trial,
lighter when I see you smile
and I’m laughing with you.

You’ve been much more than a friend,
our good times don’t seem to end.
Time often seems short in a way,
you make life fuller each day
when I’m laughing with you.



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