Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Got Away

Backgrounder: “This song was written about ten years ago and was inspired only by my imagination. My wife likely wondered at the time why I would ever go to a laundromat because we had a perfectly good washing machine and dryer in the basement. I think it’s the kind of song Roy Orbison would have enjoyed singing.” gaharrison

You Got Away

Verse 1. I saw you first time at the laundromat,
I was a bit too nervous to start to chat.
But our eyes held while you folded sheets,
My shirt got damp from my body heat.

2. I spoke to you first at the corner store,
You’re arms were full so I held the door.
I asked if you’d like a coffee one day.
You said, it’s hard, then you walked away.


I was trying real hard but you got away,
I’ll try again soon some other day.
It’s so hard to act cool when my hands get hot,
You’re tougher to forget than I ever thought.

3. When I saw you next you were with a guy.
You said, it’s still hard, if I read your eye.
At the laundromat I saw you fold his shirts,
Don’t know why but that still hurts.

4. I can’t help but keep watching you,
You’re everywhere, on my mind it’s true.
I keep rehearsing romantic scenes,
And you’re the main star in my nightly dreams.


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  1. I know, the picture of the girl doesn't fit nicely with the old cowboy theme, but times they are a-changin. GAH

  2. Back to the cowboy theme. Do cowboys wear short-sleeved blouses? GAH