Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prose: Lion’s Head Part 1

Backgrounder: “I was one of three tired hikers that tackled a fair-sized piece of the Bruce Trail 15 years ago and got caught in an unexpected storm. I put a few lines about that experience and a canoe trip into a wee book called ‘backpack canoe.’ Another hike is planned this summer - my first solo. So, more brilliant prose [insert laugh track here] will follow.” gaharrison

Lion’s Head Part 1

three tired hikers
could barely huddle
‘neath the rocky point
facing the granite shores
the rounded boulder beaches
of Georgian Bay.

the grey green crag
an ancient prominence
like crumbling brick
gave bare hard shelter
from quick icy pellets
hurled from a sullen
Georgian sky.

[Bruce Trail, Lion's Head: photo gah]

only minutes before
hot sore sweating backs
were gratefully relieved
by full packs set aside
by carefree dives
into calm cold waters.
a black water snake
a slithering ‘s,’ head erect,
had chased us - we gingerly
stepping over smoothed stones -
to higher ground.

a lightning crack
and strong sudden gusts
pushed us inland.

[to be continued]



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