Monday, July 12, 2010

Your Shadow’s at My Side

Backgrounder: “Marriages and relationships certainly go through hard times, don’t they? Hopefully, bad times are followed by good times and a couple doesn’t reach the kicking stage in verse 3.” gaharrison

Your Shadow’s at My Side


Late at night I think of you.
Late at night I dream of you.
Late at night I yearn for you,
Your shadow’s at my side.

1. Hard times from the start,
Hard times broke your heart.
Hard times tore us apart.
You have left my side.

["Sail through tough times": photo GH]

2. Good times will come again,
Good times will ease your pain,
Good times will be our last refrain.
But I need you at my side.

Verse 3 is optional: Depends on the mood around the campfire!

3. Last chance came and went,
Last chance you got to vent,
Last chance you said, “Get bent.”
You kicked me in my side.



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