Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Poor Boy Blues

Backgrounder: "The following song came to me while watching the local news last Tuesday night. I must have been suffering a fever because while nursing verses together my wife heard me cry out, where's Kate Young? Where's Kate Young?" gaharrison

Poor Boy with The Poor Boy Blues

1. I’m tired of buying groceries
from the ninety-nine cent aisle.
I’m tired of buying canned goods
that been dented for awhile.
I’d like to buy some new shoes
that seem to fit my feet.
I’d like folks to smile at me
like I’m on Easy Street...


...But I’m a poor boy,
But I’m a poor boy,
But I’m a poor, poor boy,
And I’ve got the poor boy blues.

2. I’m tired of eating wieners
without a shred of beef.
I’m tired of eating cabbages
with holes in every leaf.
I’d like to eat a slice of bread
that's not from the bargain bin.
And I’d like to eat a supper
that's just not a can of beans.

3. I’m tired of getting stuck in line
at each recession sale.
Sometimes I feel as useless
as a mop without a pail.
I’d like to trade my low-wage job
for one that is full time.
And then I’d buy a piece of steak
an’ not the Salisbury kind...

4. I’m tired of buying packages
someone else has opened first.
I’m tired of buying the cheapest beer
to help me quench my thirst.
I’d like to buy some new jeans
with a well-known label on,
And I’d like to have an extra ten
and a girl to spend it on...



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