Friday, January 15, 2010

Hit Singles: Down I Lay Me Down

Backgrounder: “This song was written several years ago in the months before my father passed away. When he learned his cancer had returned he decided against any further operations and treatment. I admired his bravery, his clarity of mind and wrote this in his voice as if he was looking back over his lifetime.” gaharrison

Down I Lay Me Down

Verse 1. I’m getting old, my hair is gray,
I may not have too many days.
My mind can’t help but turn around
to see my footsteps on the ground.
I’m looking back over all my years,
reaching for what I hold dear,
My arms are full, my family’s near.
Down I lay me down.

["G.D. Harrison - his younger days"]


‘Down I lay me down to sleep,
pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
take me home, (take me home).
If I should die before I wake,
bless my soul for Jesus’ sake.
Take me home, (take me home).
Down I lay me down.

2. Storms of life, my wife faced a few,
we had doubts at time, but then we grew
To understand love’s our goal
to work for over time I’m told.
I guess with age we wiser get,
pay our way, leave no debt.
Try to live with no regret.
Down I lay me down.

3. I always felt most at rest
down country roads, they seemed the best
place to watch birds catch the breeze.
They always put my mind at ease.
I traveled down many roads,
from wander-lust, a thirst to roam.
All those roads led back to home.
Down I lay me down.

["Five chips off the old block"]

4. Made a home, my wife and me,
kids a-plenty on each knee.
Lives to share, hands to hold,
they were my help as I grew old.
No worries now, no doom and gloom,
I know I will see you soon,
I’ll just be in the other room.
Down I lay me down.



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