Monday, April 20, 2009

Down To My Toes

Backgrounder: “This is the second or third song I sang in public, other than around a campfire. The melody came before the lyrics on this one. The nice easy tune took me back to the time I first met my wife, and 39 years later we still keep each other’s feet warm at night.” gaharrison

Down To My Toes

[August 8, 1970]

I don’t know how
the power of love grows,
I just know it went down
to my toes when I met you.
Oh, love went down to my toes.
I don’t know why
you caught my eye,
Was it something you said
when you walked on by?
I just know I turned
and you caught my eye.


I don’t pretend
to know it all, girl.
I think what I know
is really quite small.
I’m just glad you stopped to chat
I’m glad our love
started off like that,
And I know love went
down to my toes.

2. I don’t know what I said
when we laughed
I just know things happened
real fast when I met you.
Oh, things happened so fast.
I don’t know
what possessed me to say,
That we get together
the very next day. You said yes.
I’m glad you said yes.

3. I don’t know how you could
hit me like this
Or turn me around
with one little kiss
But you did, you hit me like this.
I don’t know where
we go from here,
I just know I want to be
near when I call you,
I want to be near.


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