Friday, April 10, 2009

The Easy Life Ain’t Mine

Backgrounder: “More hard times. Really, I don’t go to bars or sit up late staring into the bottom of a glass. But I know a bit about workin’ for the man and yearning for a simpler life.” gaharrison

1. I don’t like that you left me
because of the friends I choose.
I don’t like staying up passed midnight
with more heartache I can’t lose.
Oh, when I step out on my front porch
with a bottle in my hand.
I see I’m flying pretty high
but I can’t see where I’ll land.


Girl, the simple life ain’t easy,
I don’t even own my car.
I spend my nights reflecting
in a glass inside the bar.
Oh, oh, oh, snoozers, losers, are friends of mine,
and we cannot tell the time.
The simple life ain’t easy
and the easy life ain’t mine.

2. I don’t like all them hours
spent working for the man.
I don’t like paying rent each month
on someone else’s land.
Oh, I’d like a small bit for you and me,
really nothing more than that.
But after years of working hard
I’ll tell you where I’m at.

3. I don’t like that I’m growing old
and living on my own.
I don’t like drinkin’ whisky
just staring at the phone.
Oh, if you ever give me one more shot
at turning my life around.
I’ll try to be like when we met,
keep both feet on the ground.



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